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We understand that many women want a totally private and expedited abortion experience. Our Private VIP Abortion Service offers the ultimate in privacy, efficiency, and discretion. For an additional fee, you will have exclusive use of the facility. You will be the only patient in the clinic and you will have the full staff including the gynecologist, anesthesiologist, registered nurse, and counselor for your care. Your guest will be with you at all times until you go to sleep for the abortion and will join you for aftercare in the recovery room. The whole process should take under 2 hours.

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Our mission is to provide you with the services you need when you need them most. If you think that you are pregnant, it is important to establish care quickly regardless of your insurance status. Dr. Nelly Women Clinic is a Termination clinic performing first, second, and late-term abortions. Also offering Termination pill, morning-after pill, day after pill. Our mission will always be to provide all women and their families with the highest quality Termination care available at the lowest possible cost. Our pregnancy confirmation program allows you to quickly and affordably determine how far you are into the pregnancy, and whether there are any problems using ultrasound technology. If you are continuing your pregnancy, we can schedule you to see one of our obstetricians for prenatal care. It’s quick, safe and pain-free We are a full-service woman’s abortion clinic facility located across different cities in Swaziland

abortion pills for sale
All over the world, people choose medical abortion as a safe Abortion Procedure. It’s a private, and effective at-home method to end an early-term pregnancy. A medical abortion can be brought about by taking medications that will end a pregnancy. There are several types of medication. The medication is very effective and it works the same day. Most importantly After a medical abortion, you should be able to resume your normal activities. Most women do not need to miss work to complete a medical abortion.

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Abortion pill (medication abortion) is offered up to 10 weeks and 0 days after the start of your last menstrual period. If your last period was more than 10 weeks and 0 days ago, read about our in-clinic abortion services below. Abortion pill (medication abortion) services are available by appointment only. You will need to follow up within 1-2 weeks to make sure your abortion is complete and that you are well. In the unlikely event that you are still pregnant, you may need another dose of medication or to have an in-clinic abortion to end the pregnancy. After your abortion pill visit, you will need access to a telephone, transportation, and backup medical care available to you once you are home.